About Sweet Fortune Cookies


Sue Reed - Owner of Sweet Fortune CookiesMine is a story of breast cancer and a strong desire to move forward turning lemons into lemonade (or in my case turning the average Chinese fortune cookie into a work of art). I considered different options, and then a close friend approached me with the idea of baking fortune cookies. My immediate reaction was: "Me? A baker? And fortune cookies of all things?" Making dinner for five was something I could do but baking ancient cookies of Asian descent had never occurred to me.

I became very attracted to the concept of starting my own business, which involved everything from creating the cookie to marketing it. I began to see the fortune cookie as less of a dessert and more as a means with which I could connect with people. First I set out to find the perfect pastry chef. Next we searched for kitchen space. We found a wonderful kitchen with ovens suited for baking; the only catch being that this kitchen was on a boat known as the New York Waterway Ferry. Every Wednesday for 20 months I drove from Rochester, New York to Manhattan joining thousands of commuters. I looked in Newark, NJ for the right material for the cookie template. Next on the list was finding the best chocolate to drizzle on top of the cookie. This involved many long but tasty trips to Brooklyn. It took a lot of hard work but I knew that the cookie was perfect when I had to stop myself from eating my first orders.

sample of our fortune cookieIn the past three years of business, Sweet Fortunes has had the pleasure of working on some very interesting ventures. This delicious, beautiful, and versatile cookie can be used as a wedding favor, business promotion, holiday gift, birthday present, and much more. A few of our past events include: The International Museum of Photography, The Toy Manufacturers Association, Alfred Angelo Wedding Design, Maggie Brooks (local Rochester executive), the National Epilepsy Foundation's Chocolate Ball, Rochester Insitute of Technolology, Strong Memorial Hospital, and local stores in Rochester, New York such as Parkleigh and Max. Sweet Fortunes has been seen on Rachel Ray's website and many local papers.

I love this cookie and I know you will too!

Have a sweet day,

Susan Reed
President and Founder, Sweet Fortune Cookies LLC

Sweet Fortune Cookies is a woman owned business.  Locally owned and operated in Rochester, NY